A Pink Casket

I just learned that a funeral in Germany costs around 5000 Euro. For all the planning and advance thinking of Mann, he does not have a casket yet which I find strange.

In the Philippines, there exist a funeral service plan called St. Peter. My mom is a pensioner but is still working as a freelancer St. Peter marketing agent to keep her busy and active. That is her in the pink casket by the way.

People pay in advance for their funeral service so their loved ones have lessser to worry about. And when they reached a certain age and still alive, they will actually get their money back but still retain their funeral service plan.

That is a good deal if you ask me. Not sure if something like that exists in Germany. Maybe I should start a business here and call it: Saint Karlota. What do you think?

P.S. Back when I was still single in Philippines, I already have my own funeral service plan and a casket reserved in my 1.49 cm size. I have to sell it when I got married and moved to Germany. Now, I do not have a casket and not sure if I can afford one here in Germany.


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