Sonnenland and Schloss Lichtenwalde

Kids kept asking me if I am excited and ready to receive my present. Not wanting to kill their mojo, I said yes of course before I checked google to know what the ocassion is.

Mother’s day and similar holidays are so commercialized that somehow it becomes a joke. Good thing my kids does not buy me anything anymore because I doubt it will really make me happy.  Last Easter, my girl spent most of her savings to buy me a gift to which I have to explain that its just money gone and given away. So they crafted a card instead for mother’s day and that is more than enough.

But we did gave the kids a treat by going to Sonnenland. A ticket cost 18 euro per person so to make it worthwhile, we arrived there exactly on the opening time. Sonnenland is quite huge and there are a lot of rides and activities everyone can enjoy both young and old.

And then 7 kilometers away from Sonnenland is the park and schloss/ castle Lichtenwalde.  As we had enough of giving our money away, we looked for a free parking place, enjoyed a hike up to the hill where the castle is located and walked around the surrounding area. Zero cost except fuel and we just had as much fun walking and climbing trees.

How was your mother’s day?



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