Incoming Student

Not sure about other country  but in Germany, there is so much drama for incoming first grader.

Boy just had another round of medical check-up and issue raised was german and concentration skill.  We were asked if boy is going to school next year and Mann said: definitely. 😄

Question: Can anyone really stop us from sending the boy to grade school?

We expect that boy will have some difficulty in the first year of course but he will adjust and he will learn. He must just as we all have to in life.

In Philippines, people repeat a subject for failing in the university like how I have to repeat Thermodynamics before. I find that understandable. But to repeat kindergarten??? 

That is just 😱😱😱😱.

So, contrary to what might be the opinion of others, boy will be moving forward. Life does not wait for anyone to be an expert at the onset. We go on board, sail away and learn a thing or two while we are at it.



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