Fake Website

Or at least I think it is a fishy one. Saw this facebook ad this morning still groggy from my sleep with eyes full of boogers.

It mentioned of Deichman, one of the many shoe shops in Germany, having a sale. Like a leather shoes costing only 10 euro instead of 60. And I have only 50 minutes left before sale ends.

As I was happily shoving stuff to the shopping card, I noticed something odd.

Can you spot them?

1. Combination of English and German sentences

2. For any questions, contact lelin@serviceyx.com

The option to delete my account was not available so I just changed the email address to a fake one as well. And before I started logging in my credit card details, I closed the site.

I have already encountered several ads of this type over the years in Facebook. I guess they do not check the companies that buys ad space so its up to the consumer to be vigilant.

Have you tried shopping from any of these fake copycats website yet?



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