Pizzicato and Chords

The first lesson in violin is pizzicato which simply means plucking the string. It familiarizes you to where the string is for a specific note.

My girl and I can teach my boy a bit of violin. But he does not care for violin and prefers instead a guitar or ukelele which for him is like a guitar built specially for his size. The problem is that the string note is different for violin (GDAE) and ukelele (GCEA) and if you are me, it can be confusing.

Still, if I cannot find a nice music school within the area that gives a ukelele lesson, I am thinking of learning the basic at least and I will be his teacher. This means a saving of 60 euro per month for a 30 minute of class per week.

It will probably be not the most correct lesson but something to learn at least for the new year of 2024 for both me and the boy.

Have you any plans yet of what new things to learn for the new year?



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