A Kidney for Visa

Applying for a Spouse Visa to Germany cost 75 euro or about 4,500 Philippine pesos. To apply for a Spouse Visa to UK however cost 3250 pounds or about 3700 euro (222,000 pesos).

At first I thought that there must be a mistake and a period or comma has been misplaced or forgotten somewhere but no, this is the price that my brother has to pay to join his fiance in UK. And this is supposed to increase to a thousand pounds more by 2024. Fortunately, my brother does not need to sell his kidney because mother dear is still around to sell hers. 🤣

With this amount however and there is still ZERO guarantee that visa will be granted, I wonder if UK is really that great or worth it to pay this much. But then I thought of shakespeare, harry potter, british accent, the notting hill, and all those old buildings and the history that comes with, the Beatles, the Queen and so many many more. And yes, UK was a great country and still is.

Would you want to move to UK as well to be with your partner?



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