Where is Palestine?

Mom called me to talk about the war in Israel and how she hoped that she will not have her grandkids happily playing one second and then running for their lives the next.

Then my father interrupted which ended up both Parents arguing because father wanted to trace back history from the time of Abraham which my mom refused to accept simply because she was not there at that time. 🤭

My mom was rooting for Israel because according to her, the Bible declared that they will never lose a war. My father is for the Palestinians.

Israel is not that all goody goody however. After all, the land has long belonged to Palestine since way before the time of Magellan but was just rooted out in 1948. I think it is just a matter of time when Israel will take over more land. The strong, rich and powerful always wins. Otherwise, the joke will be on them.

What is your take about this war?



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