We had a parent-teacher meeting for our girl and I think I was the only one who dragged my husband there with me. Girl asked why we BOTH have to attend it because one parent should be enough surely.

Uhm, because we are both a retard? 😀

My German is still not enough and probably will always be never enough because hello, lazy bum here. And Mann’s handwriting is ugly as shit and he forgets stuff. So, I therefore conclude that we both MUST attend for the greater good. 🙂

One of the important subject in grade school is GERMAN. Something that my girl needs to learn on her own because the mother is useless on this topic. For subjects like Math, English and Chemistry then I might have some uses perhaps. Anyway, the teacher said that reading each and every day is really important. She recommended

How it works? Girl reads a book. Like an actual physical book and when she is done, search for this book at Antolin and take the quiz. Just to check if she actually understands what she is reading. She collects points with each score for the teacher to check later.

I like the site so I signed up my 5 year old boy also. Even though he has yet to remember all the letters in his own name.

Have you tried Antolin yet?



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