6 Things To Do in Bangkok with a Kid

I have been to Bangkok several times before when I was still a corporate slave in Philippines but its different when traveling with a child. I wouldn’t think about indoor playground that’s for sure. But as long as I have my tom-yum and a Thai massage, all is good.

1. Grand Palace
Too much people on a very hot day. We stayed close together because we only had 1 umbrella and we went from one shadow to another.

2. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World in Siam Paragon
Though it was a little bit pricey at almost a thousand Baht per adult, we enjoyed hearing our girl scream “Tish” every now and then.

3. Paddle a boat in Lumpini Park
This is one of the things we did in Thailand that I loved. Late in the afternoon when the heat is not burning what brains I have, we rented a boat for about 40 Baht and go paddling around Lumpini Park. We enjoyed feeding fishes too.

4. Go Fishing at Sakuna Fishing Park
Very local that Mann was the only foreigner there. The place looked a bit rundown and full of mosquitoes but I was able to try reeling in a huge catfish myself for the first time and it was quite a challenge.

5. Children’s Discovery Museum
This Museum is near Sakuna Fishing Park so we thought to combine the two together in a day. An early afternoon for girl here and a late afternoon for Mann there.

6. Eat and Get a Massage
Our goto mall is Siam Paragon and I love their foodcourt. We avoid streetfood because Mann is sensitive and we do not want to risk it with the girl.

Massage place is everywhere and for as low as 200 Baht, we enjoyed it as much as we can.


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