Back in Cebu

A lot of things drive me nuts when I am back in Cebu. Like the long queues everywhere from bathroom to cashier. The heavy traffic and how I cannot do so much because of it. And do NOT let me start with the internet speed.

It is good that I am on holiday alone with my daughter. It does not feel like a holiday for me if I am in the middle between serious-overly-thinking German and God-will-take-care-of-everything Filipino parents

Some things that we did in Cebu that is worth mentioning were:

1. Seeing old colleagues.

2. Lechon, dried fish, sea foods, etc. I am so very happy to be able to taste them again especially halo-halo at Ice Castle in Ramos.

3. Videoke with my parents.

4. Malling. For a very small island, Cebu has more malls than in our small town here in Germany. No wonder a lot of people believe that they are β€œpoor” considering the amount of salary they earn yet constantly bombarded with pretty things that are advertised as β€œmust haves”.

5. Several staff of SM Seaside mall are Tagalog speaking. But I am a Cebuana in my own island and will only talk in Bisaya.


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