A Fest in Meißen

We heard of a Medieval festival in Meißen so we went to check it out only to see that it is held in an enclosed area with an entrance fee of 10 Euro per adult and 5 Euro for kids.

And for a family of 4, that will be a total of 30 euro.  I would rather spend money for food however so we found ourselves again in Mekong. Total damage at Mekong for tom yum soup, sweet and sour crispy duck, a platter of extra rice and drinks is 30 Euro.

The rest of the day is spent on a picnic near a playground. The park is filled with kids and 90% I would say are immigrants. Their families are nearby making picnic as well.  If I do not know better, I would question myself if I am still in Germany.

It is nice to see such integration but sometimes my mom would ask: where are the Germans? But at least the people kept the park clean. That is important I think.

And as usual, the day does not feel complete without some fishing so we moved our picnic somewhere near the Elbe where the kids kept themselves busy trying to find shells. 🤣



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