Sport is Cool

My boy does not like taking afternoon nap in Kindergarten and sometimes does not like the food being served so he only eats a spoon or so. 

And that is why I set him up to join gymnastic acrobatic. 😅 

Boy is training 3 times a week so he avoids nap time on these days and can be more active instead.  And since each training session runs for 2 hours, this makes him want to eat more.

It has been about 3 months now since my boy joined the group and he seemed to be interested enough that he is currently working with 8 and 9 year old kids instead of kids his age. And when they had their first competition, the smallest boy in the group won the second place. You cannot imagine how happy and proud he was to stand tall and receive his medal that was given to him by a world champion.

The acrobatic group is geared for competition in the world stage but I will leave the decision on my boy. Important is I solved the current problem and got him to try the first few steps. The finish line is for him to take as far as he wished.



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