Bohol Bee Farm

This holiday is like hotel hopping also and we became an expert in unpacking and packing for less than an hour. 🤭

Our 7th hotel is Bohol Bee Farm and we both hate it and love it at the same time. First of all, they have this native/natural concept which is really lovely but it is a bit behind in some areas.

For example, booking this room is inconvenient. I cannot book it through the usual route of or agoda. Rather, I have to contact them and pay a downpayment via bank transfer through local bank if you want to avoid additional bank fees. Thankfully, I have a mother in Cebu who takes care of it for us.

Also, wifi is free but you get a voucher code on a piece of paper that is valid per day per device with signal limited to the room and some areas.

And then there is the breakfast. Cheap compared to the price we paid. Like literally served with ugly parts of the fish such us teeth and eyes, an egg, fruits in salad, bread, waffle, soup and juice. They also serve normal breakfast of course but you have to pay 350 or 6 euro for it.

This resort does not have a beach but there is a stair leading to the sea and its perfect for snorkeling.

So, this hotel was in Mann’s bucket list and it was good to be able to check it out.



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