Canoeing and Hiking at Bohol

Staying in the resort and be absolutely lazy would be boring for the kids. I have in mind to try the stand-up paddle but with a 5 years old, we settled with a bangka instead for 500 pesos per bangka per hour.

We enjoyed paddling ourselves along the loboc river from one resort to another. We could have gone longer but sitting on a hard wood for an hour was not that fun.

Next on our list was hiking. We asked for information from the receptionist and we were told about Birhen sa Guadalupe Grotto. With kids, the receptionist worried that it might be difficult and probably will take us about an hour.

I guess she does not know German kids who walked hours on Sunday for fun or for boredom perhaps just because shops are closed on Sunday in Germany. 🤭

The Hiking trail turned out to be less than 500 meter by the way and the 360 view was breathtaking. My kids are used to hike for 4 to 6 km so this was “easy peasy maca-cheesy” for them.



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