Countdown to Summer

Civilization in 9 days ladies and gentlemen. 😭😭😭

Contrary to some people who literally asked me if my parents are farmer or fishermen, I actually grow up in the city where young/noisy people are aplenty and restaurants specializing in different cuisines can be easily had instead of it being 50 km away.

10 years living in a dorf/bukid has its pros (save money because pretty much nothing to spend on) and cons (people staring because a german actually mated with a brown monkey) 🀣

So yes, everyone is eager for the summer holiday especially me. After 4 long years since last time we were in Philippines pre-covid, I will have a mother again. πŸ₯°



3 thoughts on “Countdown to Summer

  1. Akong papa taga Dumanjug! nya nidaku na ko’s Tagbilaran, kay ahong mama taga Bohol man.

    i shall go browse through your adventures. pero nganong wala ma’y like button diri sa impohang blog?

    1. Ambot ngano walay like aning template.. mama nako taga leyte then surigao si papa.. aw neutral ground man ang cebu so sa cebu na sila nag multiply. 🀣

    2. Sir as per request, add na ko og like button sa ubang recent post.. hinay hinayon lang nato ang uban kay dili man madala og paspas. 🀣

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