Via Qatar Airways

With Qatar Airways it took about 5 hours from Berlin to Doha. Kids enjoyed the entertainment brought by Oryx One so they pretty much left me on my own to snore in peace.

Happy are the small people. We seemed to fit quite fine in the small cramp economy seat. It is tight but we will live. The food was not so bad as well. But kids are picky so good thing I prepared a lunch box for them.

The flight from Doha to Singapore took only 8 hours but there was a delay so we ended up waiting for 5 hours instead of 3. To make up for it, we got some free food from the foodcourt. Choice of food is limited but I am the type who is forever grateful for any free food.

After about 20 hours in total, we finally reached Singapore.

I am very tired.

Why is Asia soooooo far away?

Have you tried Qatar Airways yet?



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