D’Resort @ Downtown East Singapore

First expenditure in Singapore is to buy an EZ-Link for $5 for the card alone + $5 stored value to be used for the MRTs with a total of $30 for three of us. My 8 year old girl is counted as an adult while my 5 year old boy got his card and ride for free.

Airport to Pasir Ris via MRT (1.64$) and from Pasir Ris MRT to D’Resort via Taxi cost about 8$. There is a free shuttle bus from MRT to Downtown east but we have several luggages and will be bothering a lot of people if we insists.

D’Resort is NOT my choice of hotel simply because it does not offer any breakfast and does not have a pool. The so called integrated waterpark Wild Wild Wet is a completely different facility and we have to pay an entrance fee of 25$ per person (100$ for all 4 of us).

But we are in this area for fishing and we cannot find any other better option that is just a walking distance from our place of interest so here we are.

Still, our stay was not completely bad. They have nice family rooms that comes with a surprise gifts for the kids, room size was good enough and it was cleaned everyday too and the toilet has an integrated seat for the kids that I really find genial. So if someone asked me, I would be happy to recommend this place.

Have you tried D’Resort yet?



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