Upwall at Downtown East

We had big plans today that involved hiking and exploring the beach area, metro hopping, etc etc.

But everyone is feeling jet-lagged still and was awake by 11 only. Then it was raining cats and dogs so we spent the early afternoon sweating at the UpWall in Downtown East instead.

First of all, it seems that it is NOT made for tourists because we were asked to register, create an account and if we could pay using QR Codes. And mind you, Germany especially at the east side is NOT as techy as Singapore. But we played along, followed the rules and I did the registration before my unpatient German husband and kids go nuts.

The staff were cool and helped us with everything. And to be honest, I don’t think we are that bad. My kids has my monkey blood and my German husband is a sport fanatic. For 22$ without a time limit, it was pretty fun. Not sure if anyone can climb the whole day though because after about 2 hours, we cannot feel our hands anymore. 🤣

Have you tried the UPWall yet?



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