Golden Sands Destination Resort and Malapascua

The beach is nice at Destination Resort but it got boring so we spent 13,000 pesos/ 213 Euro for a boat that will take us 10 adults + 3 kids to Malapascua Island.

First stopover is somewhere in the middle of the sea and mom said that she only saw 2 small fishes. Then we need to pay additional 50 pesos according to the boat man for snorkeling in the sea but no government official people actually came and there was no receipt so we ignored the boat men and we did not pay a single cent more.

Next stop is north beach that looks like a parking lot for all the boats. 

Total time for this trip is from 9 am to 1 PM. Our conclusion: waste of money. 

About the Golden Sands Destination Resort where we stayed, well, it is a nice getaway from the chaotic city. Kayaking for 30 minutes is free. Hiking up the hill with guide is free. Breakfast is simple compared with Dusit Thani. We do not drink coffee and when Mann asked for tea, then we have to pay extra for that.

Lots of big fishes and we even saw a stingray in the lagoon but fishing is not allowed so Mann was not happy of course. He went snorkeling in the sea but saw a lot of plastics under the water and not so many fishes. Something that Philippines need to focus on seriously.

Menu prices starts from 250 pesos up. Something we tried on our first night but we happily avoided after that. The local town is not so far away and it offers a lot of stuff at reasonable prices.



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