Bohol and Tropics Resort

Bringing a car on to a ship bound for bohol cost about 4,000 pesos with Lite Ferry 88 at Pier 3. The trip takes 2 hours from Cebu to Tubigon and then about 1.5 hours to Tagbiliran with the car. Traffic is minimal compared to Cebu.

When you have kids and want to be a bit mobile, having a car is really nice. Grateful with my parents for letting us use their car.

Two days was spent at Bohol Tropics. About 15 years ago, this hotel used to be a prime location for tourists and locals but not anymore. The rooms are old and the bed makes me worry if we have to share it with bugs. The breakfast is supposed to give us a taste/preview of what their foods will be like to help us decide if we should have dinner there as well but it is best to avoid it altogether.

This hotel was NOT my choice but for sentimental reasons, Mann insists on it. 🙄.

The good thing about the resort however that makes up for everything are the staff. It is not their fault if the building is old or?



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