Cebu to Daan Bantayan

Traffic in Cebu is nerve-wracking. If there is an accident or in an emergency, I feel like I will die on the way to the hospital.

And making plans is a challenge. It seemed that it is either up to the weather, up to the traffic or up to God’s will. 🤣

But we reached Golden Sands at Daan Bantayan with a stopover at Papakits. I made reservation at this Hab Hab Cafe but Mann did not like it so ended up at Ruben’s Talabahan instead.

One thing I noticed is that it seemed like it is quite ordinary for people to price/spend more than 500 pesos (8 euro) per meal. And here we are cheapskate old fart, trying to look for a 1 euro meal or 60 pesos na lang. 🤣

Where did the good old times go? 😱



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