Hello Havelland

Together with his colleagues from work, Mann had his one-day fishing guide tour with Jan Borek.

They were busy catching Zander from 7AM to 4PM and I got busy with the kids walking through the park and chatting with my mom.

We did not actually stay in the old castle Plaue but there is a new building beside it and we have a good view of the castle instead. I have not seen a single headless ghost loitering around yet.

Our suite with 2 bedrooms is huge but it does not have a refrigerator or a water cooker. I am missing my apple tea here.

We do groceries and eat breakfast in our room because breakfast alone for all of us in 4 days cost 144 euro. I still plan to eat lunch and dinner you know.

This is actually our third time in Havelland and tomorrow, we are off searching for green dogs all over the city.

Have you been to Havelland yet?


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