Gochujang of Bibigo

I bought Bibigo’s gochujang/ hot pepper paste from Amazon.. Park Seo-joon as an exclusive model of Bibigo has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this choice. PROMISE! It cost only 4 euro for 500 grams and I thought to give it a try.

This hot pepper paste tastes salty and hot.
To use it for my cucumber salad, I added mirin, lemon juice, rice vinegar and a bit of sugar. It tastes good, hot spicy and fresh.

Next, I made a kimchi. I will wait after some days though before I can conclude if it was a success.

Overall, I was in the kitchen for about 2 hours and I still have to make something for the kids. And let us not forget the dishes and the cleaning to be done after.

Definitely not something that I plan to do every single day. 

Have you tried Bibigo’s Gochujang yet?



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