Klosterpark Altzella

Located in Nossen Landkreis Meissen with entrance fee of 5 euro per adult while kids enjoy it for free.

The place is huge and open even on Sunday from 10 AM to 6PM and it has a cafe for local cake and a pair of sausage with bread at less than 3 euro each.

Inside the Konversenhaus is the hall that accommodates a huge dining table while the upper floor is supposed to be the sleeping quarter but it showcased old middle age books instead drawn and handwritten in old german.

Before invention of printing, a copy is made by handwriting it to about 10 pages per day. An average person will have difficulty owning a book at that time. I am amazed though at the intricate penmanship.  Who writes like that nowadays?

A Mausoleum is also present where the ruling Margraves were interred. I needed to google what a Margrave means because I have never heard of this word before. Something about a nobleman ranked anywhere below a King.

Pictures below. Enjoy!



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