Ultrasound and Gyne

A visit to Frauenazt/gyne is something I would like to postpone forever but because we have a history of breast cancer in the family, I make an appointment for a check-up during Women’s International Day.

What better way to celebrate the day than making sure those parts that is identified as a woman’s part is still up and running.

Spiegel news posted an article about how  doctors try to offer further services that is not needed like an ultrasound and that it should be banned.  During my appointment, secretary did asked if I would like an ultrasound which I find a bit stupid. Why would I like something that I do not know if its needed or not?

Since I have been doing it annually since I hit 40, a check-up does not need an ultrasound. What this entail is:

*talk with gyne about how I am doing, menstruation, etc.

*take this metallic speculum and asked me to hold one of it as it helps to open the vajayjay. Take some swipes called pap smear.

*insert a gloved finger while the other hand is pressing on top of my groin.

*feeling the breast for any lumps and whatnots.

And that is it. No ultrasound at all is needed.

The pap smear test will be sent to laboratory and in case they find something worrying, I gave my husband’s number.

They can talk about my vajayjay in German to their hearts’ content. 🤣

Have you visited your Gyne lately?



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