Ola Lisbon

When travelling with small kids in Lisbon, I recommend two things:

1.Jardim Zoologica which has been around since 1884 is one of the nicest zoo I’ve been to. It includes cable car that gives an overlooking view of the animals and the city. It also offers dolphin show and together with the lively audience that is mostly made up of students, it was a happy and lively atmosphere all in all.

2. Oceanario de Lisboa with so many interesting fishes like sunfish, big shark with its scary teeth and Mann’s dream catch: Baraccuda. Nearby is a cable car that was really worth the bucks compared to the one we had in Dinant and Hong Kong.

Other things we did/saw were Belem Tower, old center in Alfama, Boca do Inferno and hiking our way up to Moorish Castle and Castle of Pena in Sintra that we did NOT get to see at all.

Can you imagine hiking while breastfeeding? It was a challenge alright. Something that I was willing to take because I doubt I will get this chance again but after more than 3km, my 4 year old girl said that she cannot walk well anymore. But the hiking trail was very lovely. Like walking through a botanical garden.

When travelling as a family, I would really recommend airbnb. It’s like a home away from home. It has its own kitchen and washing machine too because we are on holiday for 2 weeks and I do not like to carry dirty clothes.


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