Subic Bay and San Antonio

Manila is not so bad as long as you do not stay there longer as a day. Haha.

So, we rented a car to have a bit more convenience and headed for Subic. It is supposed to be less than 3-hour trip that covers a distance of about 170 km but we did not know Manila traffic until then.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone was a surprise for Mann who did not think that such place could exist in Manila where we are not afraid to walk at night with kids, we do not see beggars loitering around and surprise, surprise, people do observe traffic rules and give way to pedestrians.

A lot of things are available in Subic but we only went to Jest Camp for a very basic jungle surviving training by an Aeta, a tour around the camp and a bird show which we really enjoyed.

About 50km north of Subic Bay Freeport Zone is San Antonio, the gateway to the many beautiful Agnain coves and Anawangin Beach which sadly we were not able to get it done.

One of the many mistakes we did with regards to our 2-month holiday plans is that a 3-day in Subic is too short considering all that crazy Manila traffic that we have to deal with. There is certainly a lot more to see at the North.



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