Hello Boy

We do not wish that our girl will stay in the hospital that long. So after helping me settle in my room, Mann went home with the girl.

At 11 in the evening, I started to feel contractions but I hold myself well. Breath in. Breath out. I have done this before. By 3 in the morning, I pushed the red button.

Midwife asked if she should call my husband. I told her not to bother. My girl needs her sleep. About 40 minutes later, I finally met my boy.

Since I had a normal delivery and no drugs were involved, I was able to walk around some hours later looking for food. I was starving.

Pregnancy and Child birth is not easy. Having a tooth pulled out is painful. Having a baby pulled out is 10x more painful. But my mind was set. I took it like a warrior and I was happy how things work out.

Still, that is the last one for me. One is too lonesome and three is too much. Two is perfect.


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