Making a Decision to Read

I am trying to instill the habit of making balanced decisions with the kids. I mean, I dont tell them to go make a pee or shit. They are doing it on their own. Thank goodness. 🤣

In the same way, I dont want to tell them all the time to go read a book or do their homework. It should be in their system. If they know how to play hard, then they better know how to work damn hard as well.

Third day now and my girl will just go read a few pages of her book or practice her violin.

Still a long way to go. It takes about 21 days to form a habit after all.

Speaking about reading, I discovered this very nice book at TEDi by Nuria Roca, Carol Isern and Rocio Bonilla. It is easy to read for kids with good stuff inside about the Sun/ Sonne and solar system. And the best part is that this book cost only 2.5 euro.

And they have more collection of this type of book with the title: Der Himmel, Der Mond and Die Erde..

I will collect them all for my kids. Do you collect a book series for kids also?



2 thoughts on “Making a Decision to Read

  1. I bought the full set of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ — all 13 books — when Raven was only 3. I hoped to be able to read them to/with her when she’s older and so far, I’m still waiting for her to show interest. Lol.

    In due time. For now, we’re enjoying Julia Donaldson’s books. If you haven’t yet, check them out. Your kids might like them.

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