PFA forever

The cliche “nothing lasts forever” is not completely accurate. Or at least they have not thought of PFAs yet.

PFA is known as forever chemical. So stable that it is resistant to degradation and persists in the environment. NOTE: PFAs are even detected in human blood serum, source: US EPA

But you probably do not know that you are surrounded by PFA because its not like they advertise it explicitly like yohoo PFA clothes anyone? Rather, it could be renamed to make it look green and trendy. Some PFA items in your home can be your non-stick cookware, oil, water and stain resistant clothes and other products and fastfood packaging.

Europe is currently in discussion to restrict/prohibit this man-made chemicals. In America however, data collection begins which is requiring all manufacture/importer to report any of the 5000+ PFA substances in their articles as far back as 2011.

And where do I meddle in on this affair? I report them bloody PFAs of course to U.S. EPA (America’s Environment Protection Agency). That is as soon as their reporting tool is finally available.



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