GDS for Power Pause

Girl’s school will have a new meal service provider. Food is prepared on site instead of being delivered from who knows where. There will be a fresh food counter offering fruits, vegetables, salad and desserts for kids to choose by themselves.

Its like being in hotel and it costs 4,7 euro or about 300 pesos per day.

During my school days some 30 years ago, I get a weekly allowance of 50 pesos or about 1 euro and I need to budget that well so that it lasts until friday. My father was a bloody cheapskate.  But we get far in life because of it.  🤔

In Mann’s school days in GDR times when east germany was a communist state, they get their food in barrels that mostly smell ugly. 😱

How is the meal service of your kids being arranged at school?



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