Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

Travel Insurance is a requirement for schengen visa and there is only a limited insurance company approved.

Mom called me at 4:30 am german time because insurance agent has some questions. They wanted a flight reservation. So I looked for flights available, made a screenshot and send it to my mom. After 3 hours, my mom still did not have travel insurance, I lost some sleep, travel agent already knew about our family background and mom sold a casket. At least I hope so or what is the point of being there for hours and no work is done. 😵‍💫

Anyway, mom went back again to the travel agency the next day and finally was able to get a travel insurance for both my parents valid for 30 days at a total sum of 100 euro or 6000 pesos. Do you know how much a travel insurance cost for me, husband and 2 kids for 1 year? Only 30 euro or about 1,800 pesos maam, sir.

Philippines is so expensive you would think they earn a lot of money there. Or maybe they do and I was the only one who did not earn much back when I was in Philippines working as an associate engineer? 🤔

Do you have a travel insurance?



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