Philippine-German Christmas Party

My girl has a school related activity to sing in a church but if I have to choose between going to church or going to a party and eat filipino foods, I don’t have to think long.

I am thankful to be located in an area in Germany where there is an active Philippine community group. So every christmas except during covid days, a family like ours gathered together to celebrate christmas the Filipino way with Filipino foods, songs, games and fun.

The German husbands or wives have already been indoctrinated. So definitely no quiet or boring dinner here.

First, it started with a prayer, some song or dance numbers, several games for the young and old, raffle contests where the grand prize is a sack of rice of course, and a minute with santa claus where he gave away gifts for the kids.

We have to thank the admins for all their hard work to make this a nice party. Until next Christmas party again.

Was your christmas party as fun as ours?



2 thoughts on “Philippine-German Christmas Party

  1. I think everywhere around the world, there is an active Filipino association. The issue with Filipino associations though is sometimes (or many times) they cause friction due to Marites and Marisol. So here in Iowa, we have now 2 or 3 Filipino associations as they split from the first one and they organize their own as they don’t get along.

    1. There is a filipino group in another area but dead na dead.. no unity within the group so parang walang future.. what is marisol? I only know of marites.. 🤭

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