Red Tag

I raise my kids on items that are cheap or on sale. Giving the “best” is not about giving the expensive items but making sure we can sustain our lifestyle for the long haul.

But girl is turning 10 soon. And she seemed to be a bit aware now of brands than before which I find worrying. The last thing I need is to be someone who owes a lot on credit card for spending more than what they earn. 

So I went on a sermon mode: on how it is more important that they are not walking around barefooted or naked. ðŸĪ­

But somehow, we still ended up with this shoes. ðŸĪŠ

I brought her to the real cheap section that cost like 10 euro only but they were really ugly. Mann would have also given me a shitstorm for being very cheap if he saw these shoes. So, I asked the girl to choose and thankfully, she knows how to spot items that has a red tag that says SALE.

That’s my girl. 😘😘😘 



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