To Do in Tagbilaran

Bohol is like a next door neighbor so it can get pretty boring also. We are not a first timer tourists that go nuts over a Tarsier, Chocolate Hills, Man-Made Forests and all those traps.

But when in Tagbilaran, we find it interesting to visit the local public market. Kids complained at first about the stink but curiosity got the better of them as they see different kinds of sea creatures from sting ray to octopus. A 12kg Barracuda was even available for 350 pesos per kilogram.

Also, we were lucky that there was handicraft expo happening at the Island City Mall.

Artwork in Philippines is no joke. They are all so exquisite. But I always thought that they are in the wrong market. If they are exported and showcased abroad then they will get the attention it deserved. But I learned that one of the fish decor was purchased for 95,000 pesos or 1500 euro. I asked the vendor if it was a foreigner who bought it and she said that it is a Filipino Doctor.

So, it was not really the case that these handicrafts are in a wrong place but it was simply because I CANNOT AFFORD THEM. 🤣

I am grateful for Expos such as these because it would be sad if the general Filipinos will not be able to see them at least. Never mind that some like me cannot afford it.



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