Bierkrug and Pasalubong

A Pasalubong is a gift/souvenir given by a person who returned home to family and friends. A small item from that faraway land that you have previously been.

So when someone asked me for an American shoes prized at 800 euro. I laughed. I have never been to America yet and 800 Euro? Since when did I shit gold?

But I will not come home empty handed. Still a Pinoy here after all. Instead, I am going to bring home an American socks. They seemed to be so hanged up with everything “America”.

Another family however said that she is happy to have a beer mug. Now we are talking because Beer is like synonymous with Germans. Not all mind you but it’s common to see people loading cases of beer more than any other items at the grocery store. Anyway, to cut the boring story short, I am happy to bring and introduce a Bierkrug. Something that has been around since 14th century.

Ordered this souvenir item through Josef Machhaus and it was beautiful and well packed. I can only hope that it will arrive safely in Philippines as well.

Do you know of any other item that will be a good souvenir from Germany?



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