Loveseat at Filmpalast

For 1 euro more, we got the loveseat at the cinema. Supposed to be a seat for lovers but it was our family seat where the kids and I fit quite comfortably in.

Un/fortunately we were the only people at the cinema. If I had known, would I have bought the cheapest ticket and just moved our butts at the loveseat? 🤣

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

It is possible that Cinema will be a thing of the past someday with all the streaming platforms available now. I mean why pay 17 euro for 1 person per movie when you can enjoy a month of streaming for the whole family for 9 euro only with Disney?

But watching a film in 3D is still a luxury. And going to a cinema is a special event that I am happy my kids get to enjoy and experience.

So, in support of the local business, here we are, having a blast at the loveseat watching Elemental.

Have you gone to a cinema lately?



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