Ladies and gentlemen, it is confirmed. I am at the onset of menopause. 😅

I was not bleeding to death for 2 months now and we ran an election with the kids with only the boy who wants a baby brother because sister is annoying to which the girl replied that then she will have 2 annoying brothers so she voted no.

Mann was not really sure because he thinks another mini him in a girl version seems fun but being the breadwinner, he was calculating the financial cost and when he can retire.

I voted a big No of course because hello, i am already 42 and I am not just going to pop a baby and that’s it, job is done. Raising a child for me means until death do us part and I do not want to question my sanity at 50 all thanks to a teenager that I cannot relate much because of that age gap.

So good to have this all cleared and out of our head now.

But menopausal this early? 😱



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