Gambling School

I was thinking to enroll my boy for a ukelele lesson. If he likes it after a year then he continues the lesson. If not, then not.

So I dragged my boy with me and off we go to this Music school located in a place I have never been before. The school is in the first floor and at the lobby is a Spielhalle or Arcade Center.

How early can a child learn an instrument? My boy being 6 seems like perfect age for me but the music teacher has different ideas. He recommended to return after a year when the boy is in school and knows the letters well which is needed to be able to read the music notes.

But I doubt I will return because I have a bad opinion about spielhalle and all I see are young addicts wasting their time trying to earn money from some machines. I could be wrong but it is something I do not want my kids to be anywhere near. Location is important so I wonder if the school never think about their neighbors. Or was the rent that cheap in the building that they choose to ignore it.

What do you think about spielhalle? Currently, I have a cousin who is addicted to this place to the point that he starts stealing money. Something I hope my kids will never be.



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