Health Care Visa Rules for UK

UK is limiting health care workers to bring their dependents unless they earn 38,700 pounds.

Currently, average salary of nurses is only 27,000 pounds per year or 10.75 pound per hour ( 12.54 euro or 751.38 pesos)

And to think that nurses has a tough job. They have night shift, they stand and walk a lot and help heavy people that are most probably twice their size. 😭😭😭

So be kind to your nurse please. They receive shit for what they give in return.

P.S: goodluck to my brother and her nurse fiance who is currently in UK. At least they did not spend any money yet for the wedding that might not work if they cannot be together after all.

Their only chance? For the woman to move and be a nurse in Germany instead. But then they both have to face a new problem: German language. 😱



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