Gymnasium 1 or 2?

Pre-enrolling my girl for gymnasium but it will be finalized only if she gets a recommendation for it.

We have been debating between 2 gymnasium and each has its pros and cons:

State gymnasium (top): free, 20 minutes walk away, learn russian and french, a lot of kids are aiming for it so a bit chaotic and high competition.

Christian Gymnasium (bottom): private so there is a monthly fee, 40 minutes walk away, learn latin and french, not so much kids are applying so a bit relax.

If you ask me, I will take the second option. The same reason why I took chemical engineering is because there are not so many kids falling in line at the registration area. 😅

But we discussed everything with the girl and she said she goes wherever her friend is going. 🙄

Even to the toilet I suppose or? 🤭



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